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saya kongsi satu email dari seseorang yang bertanya serba sedikit tentang kehidupan di sini. kebanyakkan soalan dari pembaca blog saya hampir sama. saya harap dari email ini sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu kalian. terima kasih.

As salamu alaikum,

I'm very glad to found your blog! My name is nour, im indonesian , currently living in Sydney Australia. I have 4 children (8 yr, 6 yr, 4yr and 1 yr) 

My husband got n offer to work in abraj al bait Makkah as retail manager. Insya Allah he will go there next month. Me and kids might go there round may-July , Insya Allah. Depends when we will get the visa. 

I've been googling to find out about living in Makkah, but there's only view of info. I can't find info about schooling and housing and how's living there .

To be honest I m very confuse, if not scared about living In Makkah. Specially about kids school. And way of living. My children all are Australian and speak English only. I wonder if they are the only Australian live in Makkah? LOL. Is there many orang Putih there? 

Do you mind if If i ask you view of questions? 

what kind of house that I can rent with budget SAR 4000-5000 a month? 

What international school are there in Makkah? And how much is the cost? 
how do kids go to school? I mean, if women are not allowed to drive, it means it is a must to have a driver there to take women and kids out, specially to school? 

Is it easy to make friends there? (Silly question) 

Do you go out with friends with out your husband? 

Do children mingle and mix and playing with fellow children in their neighbour hood? 

I'm very appreciate your reply. Thank you very much . 


as salam... 

hy nour... how are you? alhamdulillah.. welcome to holy land... i wish ur visa will be approved easily without a problem.

with regards to your curiosity, non muslim can't enter the Holy land.. means no 'orang putih' here except muslim orang putih or orang yang putih from arabs. LOL. 

1. inshaallah u'll get a nice apartment with that budget but normally here the rental is paid for 12-months or 6-months! don't worry there will be a lot of apartment for you to choose from. 

2. about school, there are few international school in Makkah which having iGCSE syllabus runs by Indian and Pakistani nationals. and majority of students are from south asia. OR you may send your children to jeddah. there are more better  choice of international schools. you can google most of them easily. they provide a school bus too with travelling time between 45 min to 1 hour from Makkah to Jeddah. the school fees may start with SR 9000-30 000 per year depends on school and grade. the schools are separated between boys and girls. and men strictly not allowed to girl schools even fathers! 

3. no such a problem in making friends once you know me! :P inshaallah i'll introduce you to our small community here comprising malaysian, indonesian or singapore... :) 

4. its best to go out with husband around. we also can go out without husband but MUST BE in groups and with driver. i discourage you opting for going out alone even with kids and getting a lift from stranger or unknown taxi as this is extremely dangerous. we must wear an abaya at all time when we go out with or without husband. most of women here wearing niqab when they are out from home but you can skip this if you reluctant.

5. of course children are mingling around regardless from where there are.

obviously the culture, environment, people and surrounding here in Makkah is different from sydney (as you used to it). its very privilege to be chosen by ALLAH to live in the most sacred place in the world where every single good deed will be highly rewarded.  my family is looking forward to meet you and family soon, insha ALLAH.

thanks & regards,
masnira ramli


  1. Salam...

    Semoga dipermudahkan urusan visa keluarga Nour dari Sydney..

    Masnira n Rania... inshaaAllah... will get new friends... Alhamdulillah...